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INCERT is a quality label for products and services related to electronic protection against break-ins.
Only products and security companies that have been properly certified are allowed to carry the INCERT label.

BOSEC is an association that is actively involved in the new certification regulations regarding fire protection and break-ins.
Its purpose is the certification and subsequent monitoring of all methods, systems, products and persons related to protection against fire and break-ins.

This website deals with private security.
Private security is similar to that of both public security and the tasks of government services, such as police and inspection services. It also contributes to crime prevention.

OKTOPUS is a public corporation under Belgian law specialised in remote surveillance and providing technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

ANPI carries out inspections of installations and systems for fire detection and inspections of theft prevention and anti-break-in equipment.

The website of the ministry responsible for security and prevention.

The commission for the protection of personal privacy. Public camera installations are registered here.
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