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A good intruder detection system aims at detecting, centralising and reporting any trespassing or intruding incidents


Intruder detection can take place on three levels, namely:

  • - PERIPHERAL or surroundings detection
      Peripheral security is set up around the place to be protected and the resident is warned in case of imminent risk.

  • - PERIMETRIC or perimeter detection
      Perimeter detection protects the building against any form of forced entry. It is important to secure ALL windows and doors. This is achieved by fitting magnetic contacts to detect the opening of doors or windows, along with sensors that can detect forced entry through glass.
      SPANS PROTECTION offers a vast range of built-in and surface-mounted magnetic contacts as well as special gate contacts. Protection against glass breakage is effected by acoustic glass break detectors or vibration detectors.

  • - VOLUMETRIC or motion detection
      Motion detection requires fitting motion sensors that detect the movement of persons within a protected area. This is generally the most cost-effective solution, and therefore also the most used. SPANS PROTECTION has a range of sensors for detecting motion up to 10, 24 metres or even 60 metres away.


An exchange is installed in the building where all the information converges. This exchange is provided with an emergency power supply. The system is operated by the user with one or a number of code keyboards. The alarms are also controlled from this exchange.


The signalling of an intrusion occurs through various devices :

  • - an internal siren for scaring off intruders.
  • - an external siren for the purpose of warning people living in the vicinity
      (a flashing light shows where the problem is occurring).
  • - the telephone alarm sent either to yourself or to a dispatching service.
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